PT Consulting
and Education

For health & fitness professionals, coaches and personal trainers who work with general population clients

Session 1:

Initial Consultation

This 90 minute Session Includes:

The purpose of this session is for you to experience and model my initial consultation process.

I take you through my complete 9 step initial consultation system breaking down and rationalising each step as we go.

Not only will you come away with a structured consultation process to integrate into your own business model, but also a unique and valuable insight into your own lifestyle design.

Tom Hewett performing a body fat pinch with client Pauly

Session 2:

Initial Nutrition & Lifestyle Program Design

This 90 minute Session Includes:

In this practical workshop we integrate the information gathered from the initial consultation into a Nutrition & Lifestyle Strategy.

We explore nutrition plan design concepts and 2 primary approaches to general population nutrition design.
Come away with your own Lifestyle Strategy as a practical case study we implement changes that you can apply personally to your own life.

We then look at a variety of general population case studies I have dealt with in the past and the techniques I have applied

session 3:

Initial Training Program Design

This 90 minute Session Includes:

This workshop focuses on initial Training Program design for both beginner and intermediate general population clients.

We explore initial training program design concepts and considerations for general population.

We then apply these concepts to 2 training systems (beginner & intermediate), looking at examples for both male and female clients across a variety of splits.

Tom Hewett hammer by CM Photography
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